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The History Of Pepe The Frog & The Republic Of Kekistan

The true story of how an ancient Egyptian deity was resurrected by online imageboard culture and helped Trump win the 2016 election The lamestream legacy media just couldn’t wrap their heads around that smug Pepe the Frog or his homeland Kekistan. Lets start by getting a few things out of the way: Pepe the Frog is not […]

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LEAKED: Fired NSC Staffer’s Memo Detailing Coup Against US Government

Rich Higgins, an official in the National Security Council resigned last month, after he wrote a memo outlining subversive forces engaging in “political warfare” against President Donald Trump’s agenda to Make America Great Again.  The memo sheds light into academics, media, the “deep state,” and other enemies allegedly working to subvert U.S. President Donald Trump, […]

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The Time-Traveling Trumps

Did an author from the 19th-century really predict Donald Trump’s election, Russiagate, and the potential end of the corperation, we all know as THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? The endlessly curious 4chan users have unearthed some amazing coincidences that may lead some to re-think our reality. In the late 1800s, an American lawyer and novelist named Ingersoll […]

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